Sierra is on the far right and Hershey on the Left, Hershey is Sierra's mom. The cream ( female) puppy under Sierra is her 2010 puppy
Below is Sierra at 9 weeks of age. She was so cute as a puppy. As you can see Sierra has only one eye, that is because when she was 12 weeks old she got poked in  her eye somehow and had to have her eye remove, but it doesn't seem to brother her any, she gets around as if  it had never happen. Sierra is the most sweetest girl their is.
Hershey is a Chocolate and cream  Dapple long hair
Sierra is a Chocolate and cream  Dapple long hair
above picture is when she was 9 weeks old, Isn't she cute !
Hershey has the sweetest face very loving girl.
Faith  is as sweet as they come!
She is Black & Tan Longhair. Faith has the most beautiful face and she also is very loving and sweet, I just love this dog !
Raven is full sister to Faith. Raven is my best buddy, she has clamed me as her own ! LOL !
She is Black & Tan Longhair
Rachel is a Black and  Cream long hair. I don't breed her because she is only about 6 lbs and I feel that is just to small for her to have puppies.
So she is just my pet.
Rachel is a very sweet little girl and I just love her to  pieces
I only have 6 females Dachshund
Rachel  can be such a clown. She is the funniest
dog ever.
Another one of my girls, she is a big lap baby. Every time I sit down in my chair she begs me to pick her up, and of  course I always do.